How to get traffic....for beginners

Okay I have set up my blog and my American Bill Money business! Hooray I have wonderful plans to provide resources for single parents and anyone else who wants to stop living paycheck to paycheck and eventually be able to enjoy the freedom of self employment. I hope to banish all get rich quick schemes and actually show people how you CAN MAKE MONEY ONLINE!!!

Ladies and Gentleman it is a process. It involves research, diligence, time and willingness. I am well on my way (I love research by nature anyhow) My first step, now that I have this blog set up, is to GET TRAFFIC. It is nice to have this wonderful experience to unveil to the world, but it means nothing without readers. And first attemp to get traffic was through a website called ExitExchange.

ExitExchange® offers an entirely new strategy to increase traffic to your website through effective, unobtrusive exit traffic. It is proving to be the best on the web, so Check Out this Free Service!

I am still discovering how it works but I will keep you updated. I do know that it was FREE and I am definately excited about that.

Also after reviewing this site I learned sooo much about getting traffic for starters.
I guess the four most important key learners were:
1. Submit my url to search engines
(today I just did the top two)
2. Subscribe to the Usenet groups. I plan on starting with Google Groups. I joined few groups but it got a little tedious so I will come back to this later.
3. Learn about megatags and use them!!!
This site was a great quick study for me.
4. blogger feed setup

YOU CAN MAKE MONEY ONLINE....I just have to figure it out???

Well today is a new, fresh, wonderful day. I woke up this morning and went on the patio to look at my beautiful view. The sun was rising and momentarily hid behind the clouds and I felt refreshed about the new opportunities coming my way.

Yesterday I signed up for a wonderful program that is simple, effective and has tremendous earning potential based on my effort. My website has not been activated yet and I am still waiting to get a few things in place but I am excited about telling others about it and becoming a mogul in the making money online genre. I have been doing sooooooo much research it is unbeleivable. It is even more hopeful to see people who began blogging part time and who are now doing this full time online.

I am currently in the research stage. These are some of the things I have done so far

-Visited the website of Dot Com mogul John Chow.

John Chow dot Com is a blog that helps you make money. He is offering to link to your blog if you review his blog. His site is the real deal and his credibility is posted throughout the internet.

-I have a reviewed a number of other great websites as well:
Rich Young Mom
Mikes Money Making Mission
Internet Bazaar
Make Money on Internet for Beginners

I have enjoyed the wonderful resources available on the world wide web and will give more details about my findings later today or tomorrow! Happy Day!

The Present....A Gift

We are all skeptics when it comes to new opportunities. As humans, we yearn to leverage our risk and manage our mistakes, especially when it comes to financial risk. However, the most advanced investors and wealth builders are those who are willing to take risks. Donald Trump, Warren Buffet and Robert Kiyosaki are simply a few innovative thinkers who were willing to take a risk, often losing money and time. At the end of their mistakes they were able to accept their ability to gain knowledge and advance forward towards bigger and better dreams and opportunities.

As single mothers, the risk levels allude to putting much more at stake. Time wasted is valuable time with our children and money is necessary for other responsibilities. The desire is insatiable to provide a brighter future for our children. We yearn to spend more time at home, save money for college and take exciting vacations. Single parenting certainly shouldn’t inhibit us from experiencing the luxuries of our neighbors, associates, family and friends.

From single mom to single mom, I am here to tell you that there is a way! I, like some of you, stayed up night after night looking for ways to make ends meet. I wanted my son to go the best schools, participate in extracurricular activities and never go without. I wanted him to have opportunities beyond my reach without working two jobs and never having time to spend with him.

I grew frustrated from many fly by night business opportunities, get rich quick schemes and false testimonials. But I never grew weary of at least doing my research. Sometimes my skepticism caused me to miss out on great opportunities, but I was blessed to find a wonderful opportunity that required MINIMAL INVESTMENT, MINIMAL RISK, AN AUTOMATED SYSTEM and the SUPPORT. The only thing I had to do was be persistent.

Today, I am proud to say that I have reached heights beyond my imagination. My son and I live in a lavish high rise condominium, he attends a great school, and we take vacations all the time. I am saving for his college education and my retirement. This is the freedom that I have always desired.

My goal is to embark upon new discoveries daily and continue to enlighten others on opportunities to enhance our lives. Welcome to the future.